HR Challenges in a Digital World: Today’s new normal demands new ways of working – Part 1 of 3


Eric Lechelard, HR Director, shares the challenges of introducing a hybrid work environment in today’s new normal.


自2020年以来,职场发生了巨大变化, 随着混合工作的角色走向前沿. This move has been a catalyst driving enterprises to re-think and accelerate their digital transformation within their Human Resource organisations.

In this 3-part blog series you’ll learn how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise tackled the top three hurdles faced by our Human Resources organisation.


在全球卫生危机之前, the corporate position was to keep the number of teleworking days employees could request, to a minimum. However, it was clear that some countries in which ALE operates had already adopted a different approach including the United States, among others, 我们已经在远程办公的道路上走得更远了. This was made possible due to less restrictive and more flexible environments where employees actually performed their work.

When the world came to a halt in March 2020, ALE was forced to rapidly transition to teleworking. The pendulum had swung completely to the right during this time, with no end in sight. 为了确保业务的连续性,公司需要进行调整. 这意味着提供混合工作选择,包括, 100%现场面对面, 50%或者一个有待商定的比例, or 100% at home. ALE的优势在于我们已经有了一些远程工作, 因此,混合型工作环境并不是全新的. As a global organisation with experience in a culture of nomadism over the past twenty years, 我们了解在不同地点工作需要什么.

Full speed ahead 

最初的挑战是将团队转变为数字世界. The 阿尔卡特朗讯企业版Rainbow™ 云协作平台显然是首选工具. Unfortunately, up until that time many employees had not yet used Rainbow to its full potential.

维持公司的国际运营能力, 员工们面临的挑战是如何快速适应他们开展业务的方式. This was further hampered as constraints and responses to the crisis varied from country to country.

随着全球形势的恶化, 一种新的常态出现了,新的社会纽带和集体正在形成. This next-phase, new world order, 不是所有员工都同意的吗, as some had begun to like the comfort and flexibility of the 100% remote situation. 而在家工作则为抗击健康危机提供了必要的保护, 它并非没有副作用. 一些员工遭受了孤立的无声心理影响, 通常被称为幽居病.


随着世界进入新常态, 真正的挑战之一是如何恢复团队精神, 已经被侵蚀殆尽了吗. Today, fractures remain, 而且不仅仅是在工作领域, but overall, because of the previously unimaginable constraints put on workplace teams and individuals in their everyday lives.

对于ALE来说,恢复团队精神是头等大事. 其次是学习如何管理混合型工作环境的挑战. 从人力资源的角度来看, expectations are the same for employees who are on-site and those who are working remotely. 一些员工可能会说他们更多地在家工作, however, 这可能会给维持工作与生活的平衡带来潜在风险. 虽然“断开连接的权利”可能是一个相对较新的概念, 有必要让员工感到他们可以停止工作, 没有相互指责, to ensure an environment where the same rules apply whether employees are in the office or working remotely.


Another hybrid working element that had to be dealt with was the integration of new employees. What we tend to forget is that today’s organisations were built on a face-to-face model. During the rapid transition to the hybrid model, the workplace became less clear-cut. However, we still needed to manage the company, and onboard apprentices and new hires. 随着协作技术的采用, such as Rainbow, today many potential candidates are interviewed and hired without ever stepping a foot in the corporate office.

This all raises a number of questions, including: How invested in the company will these people be? 这种体验会和以前在那里的人一样吗? 人才保留会是什么样子? 技能发展将如何展开? 最重要的问题是:你如何创建一个有凝聚力的团队?

视频在这一切中的作用怎么强调都不为过. 在卫生危机之前,很少使用视频进行协作. However, being thrown into the deep end of the pool over the course of a weekend and forced to sink or swim to stay connected with colleagues and customers, 这意味着人们必须站到镜头前. And so, they did. Today, most employees have no qualms about setting up or participating in video collaborations, 这与短短几年前的世界相差甚远.

It’s clear that building a professional network in a hybrid model is more complex and will take some work. 重新思考工具, 尤其是管理人员的工具, 因此,它们促进了人与人之间更大的承诺和联系, 在员工之间创造一种亲近感, 留住人才的关键是什么. At ALE, specific training courses on hybrid management have been developed to raise managers’ awareness about the differences between managing teams face-to-face and managing in a hybrid or completely remote environment.

那么,我们从转向混合模式中学到了什么呢. 事情发生了不可逆转的变化. The social body that used to be held together by face-to-face contact must now be held together by something else. That something is technology and the desire to create team spirit even though employees may be separated by miles or continents.


- 重新思考招聘和工作场所福利

- 混合工作将继续存在

3 Recommendations from Éric Lechelard, HR Director, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, France


Eric Lechelard


拥有超过20年的电信和IT经验, 并担任ALE国际法国实体的人力资源总监五年, Eric Lechelard is responsible for supporting all teams in the ALE International group strategic transformation.

Eric’s expertise in professional services and customer services (customer care) has provided him with a variety of opportunities in the services industry, including management of the professional services teams for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. 他领导了预售工作, design, architecture, and 24-7 operations activities of all communications and network solutions for a strategic customer; a large US-based hospital group. 他还负责ALE全球客户支持活动, 在被任命为ALE国际人力资源团队总监之前.

除了电信和网络工程学位, 埃里克接受过服务和销售方面的培训, 并于2017年获得卡昂IAE人力资源管理硕士学位.

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